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Bruce Greenwood played Pike in Star Trek, he was Batman in Young Justice and Under the Hood.  Kevin Conroy was from Batman the Animated Series and a million other things.

Tsk tsk.

It’s a tough call, but Gotham might be better than Arrow. That pilot was one of the best things I’ve ever watched



Gotham just started so we’ll have to see, but Arrow had a much stronger pilot.

I completely agree. I don’t think it will be possible to try and compare the two, they’re both incredible shows

I would call that generous.

I didn’t exactly expect a lot from Gotham, but I still found it to be disappointing. For an origin story it’s references were too heavy handed, which made me feel like they were shoved down my throat.  It was also plagued by terrible and illogical decisions for the purpose of inventing drama. As great as it is to see Renee Montoya in live action this love triangle thing is already a nightmare far worse than any of the angst on Arrow.

That said Donal Logue and Jada Pinkett Smith were outstanding and stole every scene they were in. Unfortunately though that meant they out shined all of the others, including Gordon himself. Here’s hoping we get some Bullock solo adventure episodes.

I’m not going to give up on the show just yet, but it has just as much potential as it does room for improvement.

ivy is going to end up in an orphanage and change her name that's what they ~changed~ about her


Oh! Okay, I was wondering if she was going to be taken away from her mother or something and have her name changed, but her ending up in an orphanage makes sense too. It’s no big deal really, I just don’t see a reason why they didn’t name her Pamela Isley to begin with, other than maybe trying to get across to people watching the show who aren’t that familiar with the DC universe that “YEP, THIS GIRLS NAME IS IVY. GET IT? AS IN POISON IVY.” It reminded me of the scene at the end of The Dark Knight Rises when Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character’s real name was revealed to be “Robin.”

My theory is that isn’t really ivy just like that comedian isn’t really the joker.


When I realize the Gotham premiere sucks


When I realize the Gotham premiere sucks


I saw Gotham at Wizard World a while back, and it was horrible. Like  just utter garbage. The amount of support I am seeing, makes me sick.

This company can not learn to do better, if you all keep enabling them.


Really, Gotham? What the fuck?
Here’s my advice….Slow…the fuck…down. Why do you feel it necessary to cram in as much batman lore as you can in to 48 minutes? Drag it out a little. You already have the full season guarantee, why not spread out the suspense and story a little? Poison ivy:…

I agree, although you forgot the fake Joker cameo which was just as awkward as the rest. Eddie does have a role as their CSI guy so he was fine, but he didn’t have to tell a riddle. How does he hold a job if he acts that way? Also it was bad enough that they didn’t explain why they call Oswald Penguin, but they did it in every scene as if they thought the audience was too stupid to remember who he’s supposed to be.


I was going in thinking Gotham would be horrible. It’s meh at best. The only good things I can say about it so far is Gordon(kind of) Bullock, the dynamic of Gordon and Bullock, the casting, Alfred and the hints of Joker.
My main problems with the show is it makes absolutely no sense for the…

My theory is that they wanted to do Gotham Central, bit the networks wouldn’t pick it up without Batman so they came up with the young Bruce angle. That’s why the show is such a bizarre mash up of older and younger characters. Either idea on their own could work, but this is precarious at best.

first thoughts on Gotham. Dont read before youve watched it, i dont want to skew your opinion.


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I think in some ways they wanted to mirror what Batman the animated series did where they used more modern technologies while they also depicted the city as something out of the past. It may not have been as successful in Gotham, but I thought it was forgivable

I did not like getting hit by the bat stick however. Arrow has been far more successful at referencing characters while not detracting from the story.


Dear Gotham writers: 

Thank you for making the strongest case possible for Jada Pinkett Smith to have her own god damn show.  

It’s a tough call, but Gotham might be better than Arrow. That pilot was one of the best things I’ve ever watched

Gotham just started so we’ll have to see, but Arrow had a much stronger pilot.